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The name is "UniMult™" for uni-variate and mult-ivariate data analysis and because the program uses a uni-fied mult-ivariate approach. The program includes univariate analysis (i.e., when separate analyses are run for each dependent variable or outcome) and multivariate analysis (i.e., when several dependent variables or outcomes are run in the same analysis) including factor analysis. The analyses include simple tabulations, descriptive statistics, and inferential statistical analyses. Nominal variables can be mixed with other variables in whatever combination gives you the information you need.

You can run UniMult™ from any computer with web access. Currently it is only available through download when you need to run it. This means that you have the most recent version and never need to worry about updating.

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Are you frustrated that you have to learn a complex statistical program, when you just want your results quickly and easily?  UniMult has proven that a statistical program can provide sophisticated statistics and be a simple program to use.

Here are just a few of UniMult's features:

  • Complex models with nominal and non-nominal variables
  • Curvilinear
  • Regressions
  • Factor Analysis

Are you teaching stats and spending more time teaching your students a statistical program instead of teaching statistics?  UniMult will have your students analyzing their results quickly and own their own.

Has it been awhile since you had a stats class, and now you need to perform some statistical analysis?  Don't waste your valuable time learning some complex and hard statistical program, because UniMult is easy to use and will produce your results accurately and quickly.


User Oriented

  • Easy to run without prior experience.
  • Tables & graphs standardized to one easily understood format.
  • Web-based so can be run anywhere from any computer (PC, Mac, Linux).

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Statistical Analyses

Easier for the occasional user - Sophisticated for the seasoned user

  • In just four easy steps, go from entering variables and data to examining results!
  • Spend your time identifying questions to ask and interpreting the results (leave the rest up to your statistical servant, UniMult).

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Our Mission

UniMult Mission: to enable efficient, quality data analysis.

Quality data analyses are tailored to the question being addressed. Data analyses are efficient when they are easily run and easily understood. (We welcome suggestions that will help us help you to run such analyses.)

Dr. R's View: In God we trust – all others must provide analyzed data.

Helpful Support

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We offer many ways to provide help and support:

  • Context-sensitive help system in UniMult
  • Helpful tips while in UniMult
  • Helpful forums & FAQs on our site
  • Technical support provided for purchaser

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